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Social Ballroom & Latin Dancing

on a Saturday Night


SimplyTheBestDancing arose because a pupil was looking for somewhere to dance on Saturday nights that met certain criteria and he couldn’t find anywhere that fulfilled them. See About Us

SimplyTheBestDancing is a good reason to have learnt to dance. Somewhere to go on a Saturday night with like minded folks. Try all that you think you have learnt, laugh when you go wrong and cheer when it goes well.

SimplyTheBestDancing is for social dancers who want to dance without the fear of ‘high powered’ dancers scaring them off the floor.

SimplyTheBestDancing is social dancing for singles, couples or groups. Everyone welcome.

Dances are held at Reigate and Leatherhead with Non-stop Ballroom & Latin along with a touch of Salsa, Argentine Tango, Modern Jive & Rock & Roll.

Reigate is the 2nd Saturday of the month and Leatherhead is on the 3rd Saturday.

Dancing from 8.00 to 10:45pm


£8 per person at Leatherhead

£7 per person at Reigate

Next Dances

Reigate 2nd Saturday

of the month

Leatherhead 3rd Saturday of the month

9th November

16th November