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SimplyTheBestDancing was started by Andy Skilling spawned by a pupil who was looking for somewhere to dance on a Saturday night;









SimplyTheBestDancing is the reason you learnt to dance. Somewhere to go out on a Saturday night with like minded folks to enjoy all that you thought you had learnt. To laugh when you go wrong and to smile triumphantly when it goes well.

SimplyTheBestDancing is for social dancers who want to dance without the fear of ‘high powered’ dancers scaring them off the floor.


SimplyTheBestDancing is social dancing for singles, couples or groups. Everyone welcome.

Where there was a wooden dance floor, preferably sprung and clean.

With a sound system that enabled you to hear the beat of the music rather than the crackle of the audio system.

Different tracks rather than the same thing week in week out

No long pauses between tracks

Sympathetic lighting. You don’t have to dance in the full glare of fluorescent lighting, we have the lights at a level that allows you to navigate happily but avoids you being in the spotlight all the time.

No Raffles

No Demos

And Andy added, No Sequence